"What could be more important in life then to become  and the co-creators of our reality and fill our life with more love, poetry and creatitivy!  When we understand this we also have a huge responsabiltiy not to waste our lifes and understand that  every day is a precious gift... "

Silkscreen on thin fabric, installation
Silkscreen on thin fabric in Sweden
GEOMETRIC FIGURE on thin fabric.jpg
Painting LIFE 30x30cm

What passionates me: 

(other then art, design, clothings and handicraft)


Mindfullness and health

New Paradigm in science

Positive visions for the future     CONCEPTS




H e l e n a   S e l l e r g r e n   


My inspiration comes from cultural diversity, my tripod of cultures: Sweden, France and Japan. Sweden is my "homeland" and will always create vibrations of love deep inside me, for its people and its nature. France is my today home country, where I have my family (my french husband and two children) and my studio. Here I learn to enjoy daily life wich is easy with natural food from the market and a very rich culture and history. Japan is the country where my soul feels at home. A country I love very deeply and that learned me so much about mindfullness, harmony, quality, esthetisme, papermaking and the importance of contrasts in life...


With my creations, the most important for me is to show the beauty and the miracles in natur. The hidden geometry, the inner language of connections, the harmony beyond the chaotic appearence...I'm sure that if we open up for the beauty in nature, we also came closer to our inner authentic selves.  

Mindfullness is a world be often hear today. To be more present, to see the beauty, to feel life...and that we all are connected to something bigger.

My hope is that my art and designs can help you to be more present, and to feel the "inner languge" in nature communicate with you.


With my art I want to create bridges between art and design to create more quality in our daily life.

I use silksreen on thin papers for art collages, silkscreen on textiles, drawings and prints for lisenced projects but I also ecodye fabric doing handmade cloths.

There are so many possibilities!!!


For many years I did artworks in paper and mixed media on  canvas and in 2005 I started to do prints on fabric. In 2007 I started with my agency Rom Project in Tokyo, the brand "Inner Language of Nature". We have done many licensed products together and several exhibitions in Japan. In 2012 I did textilecollections with DHS for Hemtex in Sweden. I also create my own handmade collections in my studio in the south of France and do interiordesign projects with my printed textiles.







I am a swedish artist and textile designer, trying to express an authentic natural beauty from nature in my art and design. Organic forms around us are so good for our well beeing, gives us energy and a deeper feeling of beeing alife.

I then create artworks and art as textiles for homes, cloths or lisenced products with my drawings and patterns.