I read a beautiful little book called "Wabi-Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers by Leonard Koren. For long time I have loved the Wabi/Sabi - this hidden, inner quality in japanese culture... so far from what many people here in the West find beutiful. Here beauty is the imperfect, the impermanent, the incomplete... It is the beauty of things modest and humble...the beauty of the inconspicuous and overlooked aspects of nature. The beauty of things marked by the time, moving toward nothingness. This NOTHINGNESS that is so important in japanese Culture... And the beauty is not "an object" but often a context of things - a present moment. "Beauty is the extraordinary moment of po

The inner language of nature and to take a "SHINRIN-YOKU"

We can all feel how important it is to be in nature, to walk in a forest listening to the birds or just sit out in the sun. In Japan there are an expression for this: To take a SHINRIN-YOKU "a forest bath"! To walk slowly in the fores and admiring the leaves turning to yellow, or just smelling the humidity from the moss...listening to the branches cracking under the feets... To take " a forest bath" is more and more popular in Japan where nature is luxury and many peopla lives in big citys. It is a way to come back to our inner selves...To take a SHINRIN-YOKU becomes in our life something very precious! In my art I developed with a japanese ageny a brand we called "THE INNER LANGUAGE OF NATU


To be in the flow, to create is the most fantastic state of beeing. Life is just so fantastic when I'm in the creative process! The creations just comes, the movements are fluide and evident...But to come there can take time. It is a process of reading, reactivting the tools, reactivate the mecanic things like preparing canvases to start to be in the movement. Then just one day, I'm in it again... It is like a mystery... #fruits

My new homepage!

I now start to feel that my art and images moves in the invisible space - the cloud - around the world... To "be connected"...and take the risque that others copies work. But I think we have to! We must open up and share what we are doing...and try to be a step ahead and then there will be no danger of copying. I will try to connect my new homepage to Facebook and Pintarest...and try to connect this blog about my creative art to my blot about FASCINATING THINKERS... where I will write about where my inspiration comes from. A blog I do with Wordpress that is almost ready to use. I will try to communicate...and share with everybody that is interested. ART and DESIGN can help the world to be be

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