How to make our life more poetic? To celebrate nature and the rythm of the seasons could be one way...a very symbolic one. In Japan, to go together and enjoy the cherryblossoms in the spring is a big and very important event. It is called: "o-hanami shimasu". I think this is so wonderful! To celebrate all these beautiful flowers coming out from the black branches after the long winter...It is like celebrating the LIFE COMING BACK INTHE SPRING... I started to do it here, too. With my husband we went to "The Courbières" this weekend to enjoy all the trees in flower...and the petals dancing in the wind... So beautiful! I now trying to draw them in my studio...!


...I can often feel the energy in wild untouched nature, like an inner vibrating life force that we all need for our wellbeeing. I think that inside ourselves we all have this inner ESSENCE. An authentic part of our beeing far from our time and space limited Ego. Nature can help us to reconnect to it and we can reach it in silente moment in nature...or when we really SEE and feel the nature around us. On this "essence level" everything is connected with everything else... In my art I often use the image of the nerves of a leaf, as a symbole for these invisible connections between everything... #Essence #Nature #wellnessTextiledesign


It is always difficult to go into the creativity after a period filled with other activities. I have been printing textiles for Terre de Pastel, and working with my website. Now I want to CREATE again! In my studio I look at old works, put together images to feel in what direction I have to go. I want to do blue works...more naturinspired...I need to just be, surrended with my artworks, texts, drawings and let come. As a wiseman has said "to give space to what is waiting to emerge"... I found old paperworks I made at Lessebo in Sweden long time ago. I have put strings and thin wrapping paper inside the pulp. It is much darker today - and more beautiful. I like them... The geometr


Can material things around us be animated by what we call spirit or soul? In Japan this is one of the essential things in design and in nature. We can feel when an object has his own life, are vibrating with something more then just materia. This is also about wabi and sabi. There is a personality...and we can feel it! Why do we feel so confortable in some houses and in other everything is just "empty" in a cold and unpersonal way? It has nothing to do with just "beautiful" objects. Perhaps our role is to inhibite spirit in the world, to give life to the materia. Often I think of this. After the summer I try to give new life to my studio and my create a "presence" in the studio. T

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