FASHION SHOW with my handmade and unique silk cloths in the Old City of Stockholm, together with my artworks, organized by Sari Lindroos and Oliver Miilus.

Our theme was "PRESENCE"...feeling, being, mindfulness. All the girls were bare feet and we used the music of Bonobo... It was fantastic!


Oliver also created this ART VIDEO expressing the poetry, the transparency and the fluidity he feels in the clothes. 



Some years ago I started to create my  WEARABLE ART DRESSES.  I buy the silk from a weaver outside Lyon. I then hand-dyed it with Indigo or other plant dyes. Often I use eco dying the fascinating India Flint technique. As the last step, I add my printed images - faces, leaves, texts etc.

All the clothes are manufactured by my couturier Corinne Vincent in Toulouse.


I love the transparency and the softness of the fabric! To wear an artwork makes it any more special...as becomes the person wearing it.


PERSONAL ORDER: please contact me if you would like a dress or skirts in another size. Don't forget though that the colours will all be unique...

and the prints of the leaves will all be different.

That's the charm!  ETSY SHOP