With my artworks I want the transmet the poetry and beauty in nature, the magic that is hidden all around us and that we most of the time are passing by...The delicate nerf patterns on a leaf, the bend of a branch...the bark of a tree. In the "natural nature" are a special inner vibrating energy of life...

I take photos of details that I grow up, to keep the authentic forms.


Beyond what we first see as chaotic forms, on a deeper level, is connected in an ecological harmonious whole where everything has its perfect position.  

We have often broken this "inner connection"  with nature today and I think it is urgent to listen to this whispering language again. 


Someone said: health is to be in harmony with oneself and with everything around us. We are not alone, we are connected with the world around us, people as well as nature...and there are invisible fields influencing us all the time. So find HARMONY in life is so essential...


One of my "missions" with my art and design is to help us to came closer to this natural nature, and BRING IT INTO OUR DAILY LIFE AGAIN to help us to be more connected also to our inner selfs.


We need more POETRY in life...worlds that open up inner spaces where everything seems flat, that activates and deepen our world. To higher our vibrations trough art and poetry is so important, to attract positive things in our life. I often use fragments of poetry in my art and textile prints.


Since I was small I always felt closer to an Eastern way of looking at life then the western way around me. When I was 17 I got fascinated by zen philosophy and started to travel to Japan. Since then, Japan philosophy, culture and esthetism has been close to my heart.  I always wanted to  build bridges between est and west, and I'm sure we have a lot to learn from the eastern way of looking at life. 











I think my art is a mix of japanese and scandinavian influences... In japanese people find my art scandianvian and the swedish fint it very japanese...


Other things I would like to express in my art...

I'm fascinated by the inner geometry in nature, the number of phi that are hidden everywhere, the Golden Numbers.

I often use geometrical figures in my art and prints to express that there are more then what we see... hidden connections, deeper meanings that also shows that everyone of us has our own way to follow in life.


I have always been fascinated by the new theoretical physics, the theorie of chaos, the fractals...and all these new theories of a field that connect all os us. Here, somehowe, the western science start to find paralelles to the eastern philosophy...


I will try to share this thougts in my blog about MAGICS ALL AROUND US...and share what I'm reading.

Some inspiring persons:  Ervin Laszov, Deepak Chopra, Gregg Braden, Ken Wilber, Marianne Wiliamsson, Fritiof Capra, Michel Random...