I discovered these techniques  when I some years ago did a workshop in ECO PRINTING with Fabienne Ray in the south of France. She herselves have learned her technique from India Flint, an Australien textile artist doing wonderful works with plants and flowers.

ECO DYING is a process where leaves, flowers and other plant materials are used as the color source in the dye bath. So many leaves and flower makes fantastic colors!

Before putting the fabric in the bath it could be folded in different ways, were parts are hidden, that will stay white. You can find so many different techniques of this on internet!


The ECO PRINTINS is the speciality of India Flint when the leaves are positioned on the  fabric, rolled up tightly around a stick (a bundle) and processed in simmering water. It works very well also with a steam bath! The impressions left on the fabric are from the pigments releaded by the leaf. Some leaves like the eucalytus leaves magic drawings on the fabric and the colors depend on a lot of things...the metal of the vat, the preparations of the fabric etc.


I really enjoy today to use the eco printing and eco dying together with my silkscreen images in different ways! To work with ecodying is to CREATE WITH NATURE. You can't control the process - it is always a surprise!  See my silk cloths


INDIGO AND PASTEL dying is very different and more "chemical" but even more "magic". When the fabric is taken out from the vat it comes in contact with oxygen, that turnes the color yellowgreen into wonderful blues nuances...

I used this at home to do my collection for TERRE DE PASTEL.  


Wonderful textile artists using these techniques:


Lotta Helleberg