I have always been very inspired by the Japanese concept of Wabi and Sabi, the beauty of things fading away with time, the beauty of things coming closer and closer to the border of nothingness. Here I want to show the beauty in the leaves where only the nerves are still existing, so extremely delicate... I found many old oak leaves under the tiles when changing the roof of our summer house...I have blown them up so that all the small details can be seen. I use them in my interior design and in my artworks.


I have done two Wabi/Sabi inspired fabrics, printed at Rydboholms Textile Fabric

in Sweden. I sell the fabric in lengths or as table runners, tablemats or tablecloths.

You can also order directly if you want other sizes of cushions, tablecloths or table runners or curtains, and you can add texts or other images if you want to do your personal collection.

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This fabric is printed on a beautiful cotton/linen fabric perfect for curtains. I have it in our bedroom and I love it! It is so peaceful and very Japanese..


Very nice  50% cotton 50% linen


150cm wide 169 g/m2  35€ /m   SOLD OUT





This fabric is printed on one cotton linen perfect for curtains or pannels and another CTC prepared for outdoor use.

150cm wide  169gr/m2

COTTON 50% LINEN  50%         35€/m


CTC 100% Cotton  225g/m2 waterproof

for outdoors tablecloths   35€/m  SOLD OUT


If you are interested please contact me!