This pattern shows how the seeds grows in the sunflower. Amazing is n't it!



"There is a science that are not just useful but like art

and poetry tells us about beauty and harmony"



I realized a very interesting  INTERIOR DESIGN PROJECT at IVA, The ROYAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCE, in Stockholm in december 2016.

With FRACTALS I wanted to show the harmony beyond chaos, that there is structures and meaning beyond what we see around us, on a deeper level. This I also connected to PHI, the golden number, and the hidden geometry everywhere in nature.

This project is therefore connected to my INNER LANGUAGE OF NATURE projects.

We wanted to create a curiosity for Science.


FRACTALS is not so complicated as it sounds... The french mathematic Benois Mandelbrot found out in 1970 that everything in nature is constructed by very simple patterns that are repeated for ever. That means that due to huge computer, is was for the first time possible to calculate irregular systems in nature to find underlaying patterns of harmony.


IVA is a meeting point for Science, Industry.  It has 12 sections for Science and it was quite difficult for me to find a way to illustrate all the sections. Then I found out that fractals are today used in calculate dynamic systems in many different fiels - meterology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, economy, data etc.

My fractal installation became a positive symbol for harmony and beauty. 


"Fractals shows us the inner rythm of

life where mathematics and beauty meets"


For the first time I created an installation with stickers glowed to the wall. It looks really good almost as if it is painted on the wall. A fantastic way to give life and beauty to boring spaces!!!!

There are so many places where people need inspiration from science, poetry and beauty... like offices, hospitals, hotel rooms etc. This is a quite easy and not very expensive way to do it!

Me and Björn O Nilsson, president at IVA and an old friend from our track and field career. 

Presentation of the project with Lars Fog and Björn O Nilsson


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