Exhibition "SUPERPOSITION"  with Kaname Arase

I worked only on textile for this exhibition creating kakemonos in turquoise blue, and I combined different techniques for the first time. It was exiting! I printed an image of "St Mary" I already had used in my artworks. The face is so peaceful! I printed it with nori on silk before putting it in my indigo vat. The image disappeared a little in a magic way - like becoming a "presence".

I then combined this face with eco dyed images of leaves - a message directly from nature, and with symbols like "the flower of life" so essential symbol today for creations on Earth.

I wanted the whole exhibition become a message for HARMONY AND PEACE. The Maria face was also a glimpse of the importance of the feminin energy on earth today...

I Exposed together with Kaname Arase, a japanes artist working very much with washi. Here she superposed many layers of images in a very delicate way.

kakemono detail visage.jpg