ART could be so much!

Inspired by the beauty in small details in nature, I create art as cloths, curtains, trays... 

I would like to inspire you by the beauty and poetry in nature around us. I try to use authentic organic forms in my art and design to transmit the vibrating inner energy in nature, the beauty in the nerfs of a leaf, in a dry flower, in the bend of a branch...

I handprint with silkscreen in my studio in the south of France. I also use eco dying and natural dyes as well as indigo and pastelblue pigments. I try to bring poetic nature into our homes to give more artistic quality  and harmony

to our everyday life.

ART:  paintings, print, sculptures and handmade papers

 Handmade textiles for your HOME

Handmade cloths and ecodying

Inspirations and concepts...

My licensed projects with Japan, my 

textile collection made in Sweden...

my project with Terre de Pastel in France...etc.

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