The inner language of nature and to take a "SHINRIN-YOKU"

We can all feel how important it is to be in nature, to walk in a forest listening to the birds or just sit out in the sun. In Japan there are an expression for this: To take a SHINRIN-YOKU "a forest bath"!

To walk slowly in the fores and admiring the leaves turning to yellow, or just smelling the humidity from the moss...listening to the branches cracking under the feets...

To take " a forest bath" is more and more popular in Japan where nature is luxury and many peopla lives in big citys. It is a way to come back to our inner selves...To take a SHINRIN-YOKU becomes in our life something very precious!

In my art I developed with a japanese ageny a brand we called "THE INNER LANGUAGE OF NATURE". The idea has been to use natural patterns in a "very natural way" to bring further an inner authenticity and energy that only the "wild nature" can give us. I think we need this ORGANIC forms in our lives...not to loose our selves, and to feel the joy and freedom in the "authenticity" of nature.