"The Inner language of Nature" goes INDIGO!

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I'm just back from Japan, filled with the quality of the old Japan. Filled with fascination for the old handicrafts, realized with so much perfection. But I want to find out how I can use this in MY WAY in my art. The love and appreciation for life her and now, the paintings of birds and flowers, of the everyday life...The admiration for small things around us! For a long time I have felt I wanted to show the beauty in nature that often we don't see. That was the idea behind my INNER LANGUGE OF NATURE projects with Rom Project in Tokyo (my agency since 2007). This nature that has so much more dimensions that we often understand... were everything is connected.

My inspiration for the INDIGO now - Indigo as a natural dye, the blue color as a symbol for peace and harmony, I will try to connect it with THE INNER LANGUAGE OF NATURE.

This is my new project! (And it is one year now that I'm working with the Pastel blue in Toulouse, helping Terre de Pastel de develop a blue collection...) I want to connect my art with cloths, home textiles...bags. Artistic values have to be everywhere!

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