H E L E N A    H A N D M A D E

Art can be so much more then just images on the wall!
I try to build bridges between art and design, connecting art and textiledesign, to create wearable art....but also textiles for home interior like cushions and curtains to add more poetry to our daily life.
If you would like my universe to becomes a part of yours, here I have the possibility to purchase products to you and also create new products if you are interested: handdyed and printed silkcloths, woolscarfs and dresses but also handprinted textiles for homes.
If you love to do handicraft yourself, I have a lot of testprints you could use in your patchworks in different ways.So up to you now to continue my creations!

As artist and textile designer started in 2005 to create artistic silk and wool collecions.


I handdye silk and wool with natural dyes and print it with naturinspired motifs in my studio in the south of France to create poetic unique cloths comfortable and special to wear...

I have had "pop up" shops in Stockholm at galleri DEMO several summers and one winter with Sari Lindroos. We also had a fashion show there in 2013.


SILKSCREEN is the technique I'm using to transfer

the images on the fabric...


Read more about eco dying


GALLERI DEMO Summer "popup store" in Stockholm




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