are build from inside and out by layers and layers with thin paper, each one with its images and messages. I have a huge "library" of images in my studio that I combine and use for my silkscreen prints. I try in this way to create multidimensional paintings, where we all see different things. 


My first paintings are inspired from mythology and I love the mysteries around the Sumerians, but also the hidden geometry in nature, the new science...

But I also to find my inspiration in the nature around me, and I felt it is so important to show with my art the miracles everywhere. 


I have used many of my paintings for INTERIOR DESIGN PRINTS, TRAYS or CD covers to give more quality to our daily life.


                       P R I N T S

I often use nature inspired motifs in combination with geometrical symbols so express the hidden geometry... and the inner conenctions between all things...


You can find my prints at Skogshem and Wijk Conference Center, Sweden and at Matrisen Accounter Society in Stockholm.


Skogshem and Wijk     Matrisen


I also used many of them for tray personal tray collection made at Formpress in Sweden and two for DHS/Hemtex Sweden.


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           H A N D M A D E   P A P E R