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For TERRE DE PASTEL I also created a summerscarf in silk and cotton in DIGITALPRINT with different styles of drawings of the little pastel flower. See digitalprint projects.



PASTEL is a blue pigment coming from a plant. This blue colour made Toulouse rich and famous in the XV century. Now is the time to rediscover this beautiful and natural blue!

The pigment is quite close to Indigo, and the dying process is the same but the colour is a little more grey-blue. To use cloths dyed with natural dyes will be more and more important for all of us today, in an urge to create a more natural and healthier environment.


The society TERRE DE PASTEL started to develop products with blue pastel pigment and I had the opportunity in 2014 to develop an artistic handprinted collection for Terre de Pastel, a fast-growing society in Toulouse with a beautiful spa, restaurant, Museum and shop. 

In this project I have used the old pastel manuscripts in different ways, to connect us with the rich history and bring it with us into the future.


I have in this project CREATED THE PATTERN, hand-dyed in tie and dye style bags in different sizes and book protection and then handprint in silkscreen with pastel pigment, tablemats, table runners and some other products.


To start with a small handprinted collection is a perfect way to TEST the products on the clients before going into a bigger production. Every product is unique and has an artistic value...


FOR YOU: You can buy the handprinted textiles at TERRE DE PASTEL boutique, 629 rue Max Planck, Labège outside Toulouse or at their website:

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Create patterns from existing images is a real challenge for me. I can help you to create collections for Museums or very personal gifts for your company for birthdays/ Christmas etc. from photos or other images.