T r a y s   w i t h   p a i n t i n g s   a n d   p r i n t s

I have done a lot of trays at FORMPRESS Sweden.

To use my artworks like this is for me a way to spread my images to give more quality to the small moments in our life - perfect size for a tea cup and a sandwish in the morning or in the afternoon...

Two have been edited by DHS/HEMTEX Sweden: REDPLANT and BLUEBIRD

I love to use poetry on the trays - often my father ULF SELLERGRENS poems inspiring us to stop the time and live a more mindful life...


Size: 20x28 or 43x33cm

They are made of layers and layers of thin sheets of birch wood. The images are digital prints from my artprints, protected with a transparent layer to be waterproof.


They are perfect as small gift! I just have some few left but I will do more this spring.  (200kr or 20 euro each for the small ones)





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