for Lars Sellergren plays

Text in the CD booklet:

Bach inspiration in my art


Bach and Das Wohltemperierte Klavier - a heavenly geometry?

I have music that follows me all day long while I am creating in my studio. There is music that helps me to widen my horizons and to reach beyond myself. But there is another kind of music that enables me to penetrate my innermost self, concentrate, and pare away all unessential. To this kind of music, Das Wohltemperierte Klavier takes pride of place.


After having seen one of my exhibitions in  2003, Lars Sellergen sent me his recording of Das Wohltemperierte Klavier and in a letter, he explained to me the construction of the fugues. With a red pencil, he marked in the notes the internal relationships of the voices, the inversions, augmentations and counterpoint. I become incredibly fascinated.

A whole world opened for me! Since then, Bach has become my most important companion. In his structured formula, so seemingly simple, an entire world is concealed.


For me, Das Wohltemperierte Klavier, is cyclic, not linear as so much other music, and has therefore helped me to penetrate beyond linear time. Far from the world's multiplicity and chaos. 

in his music, I feel a kind of everlasting structured patterns that moves in circles up and down, backwards and forwards, and which forms cosmic geometrical figures.

Here is something natural and harmonious, which I need every morning - perhaps in order to discover me and my inner state, beyond external chaos? As if in a purification I listen to this music, again and again - I never get enough of it. Everything within me falls into place, is structures, is shaped. Everything unessential is pared away and polished. Everything becomes clearer, more distinct.

It is as if Bach structured me at cell level! His music helps me to discover the purest and the truest in the depth of my that I can then attempt to give it external form in my creations.


Here I feel the order of the Universe beyond a perfected glittering crystal hidden deep within me - as hidden inside all of us - is polished a little more.

Suddenly I see the symmetry behind the branches of the trees, the flight of the bird, the structure of a flower's inflorescence.

Bach's DAs Wohltemperierte Klavier enables me to see the underlying patterns beyond the world's multiplicity that gives everything meaning.


Helena 2006