THE INNER LANGUAGE OF NATURE licenced projects in Japan

realized together with Reika Shu and her agency Rom Project in Tokyo




With my agency ROM PROJECT in Tokyo, we started to work with the CONCEPT for our project, and our logotype. I did a CONCEP BOOK, explainting how important it is today to be surrounde by authentic images from nature, that appeals to something deep inside ourselves. Nature has its inner language vispering to us all the time! I worked with natural forms that I grow up from photos and that I scanned directly from leaves. We tried to transmet this "natural" nature through my designs into manufactured products to give more poetry from nature into our daily life. 




To show the connection between my artworks and the products have been the fondamental idea, to show the artistic value of the objects.

I had several articles in the Scandinavian Style Magasine about "what I wanted to express with my Inner Language of Nature" to the japanese people...

Rom Projcet then arranged many artexhibitions for me in Tokyo

See more: Sembikiya Gallery, WiseWise

HARIO glass

The first lisenced project we realized was with HARIO that are doing glassproducts.

They produced a beautiful "Black label" collection, using my plant drawings. (sold out)

 See more of the collection

EDWIN cloths
"Something by
Helena Sellergren"

In 2009 EDWIN, the japanese jean company, made a collection "Something by Helena Sellergren" where my drawings and painting were used on cloths, bags, shoes, scarfs etc. 

All these products were then sold together with other lisences products and with my handprinted artworks in several sellcorners in big appartmentstores in Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka.

See more of the collection, ISETAN and sellcorners


GREEN FLASH did a very nice stationary collection mostly from my prints and artwork: paperfolders, cards, lettersets etc.  See more





The Seto Ceramics is a very specia white porcelain, produced in the Seto area in the Aichi prefecture sout of Tokyo in Japan. When japanese choose white porcelin they aways choose SETO! In 2011 the company M.M Yoshihashi made a brautiful collection with my leaf motifs, using  a highquaity printing technique and a very specia silver "platina" paint for some of the leaves. See more