Art as handprinted wallpapers or pannels in hotel rooms, in hospitals or in offices is a way to create an atmosphere, "a poetic touch", and "opening up" the 3D dimension.
I think this is very important in our living space...Here digital prints could be used perfectly!!!

Why not poetry on the walls?

This kind of composed images for wall decorations could be really fun also! There are so much that could be done!

These six oak leaves - which are very natural, each with its personality is connected to the geometrical symbols.

Comfortercase for DHS/Hemtex in Sweden for the "Autumn poetry collection"  2012


In public spaces like hospitals, paintings on the wall are often forbidden due to cleaning problems. Therefore, creating wall decorations on pannels (laminated paper attached to the wall) could be a way to give more humanity and poetry to hospital rooms, and also to offices, hotel rooms and many other spaces that today are quite boring and all look a little the same.


I'm sure that organic natural images could help sick people to refind their energy quicker, and even help bored workers to create better work!

Also to use poems or philosophy on the walls could help someone to feel better.


I'm looking for architects/interior designers for this kind of projects so important today!


I often use my photos from keep the authentic inner energy in my patterns:









These small plants is my "dancing plants", which I use together with the geometrical symbol. (Behind what looks chaotic is an inner harmony...)


Some of my drawings have become products like this plant to the left - a COMFORTER CASE for DHS/Hemtex in Sweden "BLUE DREAM COLLECTION"

The same with my drawing of leaves and branches, they have become another COMFORTER CASE in the "AUTUMN POETRY COLLECTION.

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