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With my works, I want to transmit the poetry and the beauty of nature, the magic that hides all around us and that most of the time we do not see...The delicate patterns of veins on a leaf, the shape of a branch or the bark of a tree... In nature, there is vibrant natural energy.

I take photos of the details that I enlarge, to keep the shapes as authentic as possible and convey their messages. 

Beyond what we first think of as chaotic shapes, on a deeper level, everything is connected in a harmonious ecological whole where everything has its perfect position.

We have often broken this deep connection with nature today and I think it is urgent to listen again to this whispering language...

Someone said: “Health is being in harmony with yourself and everything around you”. We are not alone, we are connected with the world around us, people as well as nature... And there are invisible fields that influence us all the time. So finding HARMONY in life is so essential.

One of my missions with my art and design is to help you get closer to this authentic nature and PUT IT BACK INTO YOUR DAILY LIFE to help you be more connected with your soul, your deep interior, this inner self that we don't listen to often enough but which also needs to be nourished.

We need more POETRY in life to deepen our world and create more deep value. I am convinced that we can raise our vibrations through art and poetry, to attract more positive things into our lives.

I often use fragments of poetry in my art prints to connect us to the world of poetry.

My art is a mixture of Japanese influences and


The Japanese find my art very Scandinavian, and the Swedes find it very Japanese...

Other things that I express through my art: 

I am fascinated by geometry hidden in nature, the golden ratio, fractals that repeat themselves forever. 

I often use geometric figures in my art to express that there is more than what we see, hidden connections, deeper meanings that also show that each of us has our own path to follow in life.

I've always been fascinated by new theoretical physics, chaos theory, fractals...and all those new theories of a field that connect us all. Here, somehow, Western science begins to find parallels to Eastern philosophy.

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