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AND FOR "HEMTEX"  2012/2013

With these high-quality collections, we wanted to create textiles to add poetry and beauty to our daily lives. I used my own very authentic imprints of nature to convey the vibrant energy and beauty that only organic forms can give us. Let's do it again! 

That "the beauty lies in imperfections" I felt so
strongly in Japan inspired by the Wabi/Sabi philosophy...


A collection based on the high quality of textiles and

on philosophy:"fewer objects in our homes but more beautiful and of higher quality!"


BLUE DREAMS (BLÅ DRÖMMAR) was the first collection I made at Design House Stockholm in 2012/2013 in Sweden. The idea was to create more quality and poetry in our daily life. The collection was then sold in 200 Hemtex stores in the Nordic countries.


Concept: dreams of summer, wild meadows, butterflies and birds... A spirit of sweet summer was the feeling we wanted to create. 

I used images of wild and authentic flowers and plants, which I combined with fragments of my father's poems, telling us about "living more in the present moment".

I hand printed all products in my studio

and the textile printing factory in Sweden (Rydboholm) tried to find the same "handmade" quality with my prints as a model.

It was fantastic to work with the old Swedish factory... I also made all the color shades of blue for this beautiful project by mixing colors in my studio.

DIGITAL PRINTS FROM PAINTINGS: we made a cushion with the motif of one of my paintings: "The Little Robin"

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Design House Stockholm

AUTUM POETRY (Autumn Poetry) was the next collection, in reddish and grayish colors on linen and cotton. We then made BLUE DREAMS 2 for spring 2013 with indigo blue textiles.


The collections were sold for two years in Hemtex stores and were very popular. An alternative to the bright colors and simple shapes of the Ikea textile collections and more inspired by a fragile and poetic beauty of nature, combined with the fragments of poetic texts.


For the moment these products are sold out, but I am working on a reproduction soon. I also make small collections by hand in my studio. waiting.  



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