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Art as wallpapers or hand-printed panels in hotel rooms, hospitals or in offices is a way to create an atmosphere, give a poetic touch and open the space towards another dimension.
Digital prints could perfectly be used in a lot of places!!!



Why not poetry on the walls?  


In public spaces such as hospitals, murals are often banned due to cleaning issues. Therefore, creating wall decorations on panels (laminated paper glued to the wall) could be a way to give more humanity and poetry to hotel rooms, but also to offices, hospital rooms and many others. spaces that today are quite dull and charmless.

I'm sure organic natural images could help sick people regain their energy faster, and even help people in offices become more creative! 

Also, using poems or philosophy on the walls could of course help someone feel better...





I often use my nature photos to keep the authentic energy of organic forms.









These little plants are my "dancing plants", which I use with the geometric symbol (Behind what seems chaotic hides a harmony...)




Some of my designs have become textile products like this plant on the left - A DUVET COVER for Design House Stockholm/Hemtex in Sweden in the collection "BLUE DREAMS" (Blå drömmar).

Likewise my drawing of leaves and branches, they have become another DUVET COVER at Design House Stockholm in the collection "AUTUMN POETRY" (Höst poesi)



These six oak leaves are very natural, each with its own personality and connected to geometric symbols.



This kind of composite picture for wall decorations could also be a lot of fun! 



Duvet cover for DHS/Hemtex in Sweden 

Collection "Autumn Poetry" 2012

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