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Born in Sweden, graduated from KONSTFACK/ Graphic Design (Decorative Art)

in Stockholm and the National School of Decorative Arts (ENSAD) in Paris, with an exchange program with COOPER UNION in New York.

I learned papermaking in Sweden and Japan.

I married Jean Pascal in 1992 and we have two children Amanda and Adrian.

I now have my creative centre with my screen printing and painting workshops in the south of France.  

Linking art with art-textile/art-clothing has become very important to me to

add more artistic value to our daily lives.


Some of my art exhibitions and projects in selection:



Nordens ljus Stockholm paintings 2018

Förslamlingens Hus Stockholm: paintings on canvas and paper 2014

Gallery Overkikaren: art  1993, 1997, 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2013

Sembikiya gallery in Feb. and in Nov. Tokyo 2008

Wise wise exhibition of summer 2008

Galerie Kouki Paris: art papers 1995

Gallery Soderlund Stockholm 1991



Kaede Art Gallery Osaka, Japan:  art textiles 2016

Ingres Gallery, Toulouse: Shinrin-yoku textile installation 2017

Artislong gallery, Kyoto: art papers and paintings 2008

Tyreö Arthall, Sweden: paintings 2007

Detours 02, Former Slaughterhouse, France 2002

Musée des Pays de Charmey, Switzerland: handmade art papers 1996

Chapelle de la Salpetrière, Paris: light sculpture installation 1992


Royal Academy of Science, Stockholm: installation of fractals 2016

Canal du Midi: paper sculptures, summer 2010

Gula Byggningen: prints on curtain, installation 2005

Abistodenas "water and wind" installation of papers 2003

Chapel of the Salpetriere: light sculptures 1995

NK department store: an art installation in the windows 1989



Tyresö Kulturhous Sweden: decorative painting on the walls 2010

Skogshem & Wijk Conference Center: artistic decoration 2006 more

Matrisen: Design of an artistic decoration 2008 more



DHS for Hemtex: textile collections 2012 more

Yoshihashi Ceramics Japan (Rom Projects) 2011

GREEN FLASH stationery Japan(Rom Projects) 2010

EDWIN "Something by HS" clothing collection, Japan (Rom Projects)2009

HARIO glass collection "Black label" Tokyo (Rom Projects) 2008

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