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I dye the silk by hand with indigo or with vegetable dye (eco-dying) and afterwards, if necessary, add my printed images - faces, texts, leaves, etc...

All the clothes are made by my seamstress Corinne Vincent in Toulouse.

I like the transparency and softness of the fabric!

It's like wearing a work of art and it makes you feel special and  unique! 

PERSONAL ORDER: please contact me if you want a dress or a tunic in another size. Remember though that the colors will all be unique as well as the imprints of the leaves.

I am now working on a series of long dresses for spring and also (Western) kimonos en viscose.




FASHION SHOW with my collection of unique silk dresses in the old town of Stockholm, organized by Sari Lindroos and Oliver Millus.

Our theme was PRESENCE...deep feeling,  the full awareness  as well as the natural and authentic spirit. The models were all barefoot and we used Bonobo's music...

It was fantastic !!!!

Thank you girls, Sari and Oliver.



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