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HARMONY est essential in our life!

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Hidden patterns everywhere in nature show us that nothing is random in our universe. Beyond what we think of as a chaotic world, there are, on a deeper level, hidden patterns that make deeper sense. It has fascinated me almost all my life! Chaos theory only tells us about harmony beyond chaos... Geometry in nature, fractals are all repeating patterns, following planes of harmony existing in a higher dimension.


FRACTALS are for me an example where science shows us the hidden meaning of harmony as the fundamental law of the universe! 
In the 1960s there was an important movement, existentialism, which told us that there is nothing more than what we see in the universe, only matter and that we are alone with ourselves. We are in the process of abandoning this movement and adopting a much more positive worldview, knowing that we are all connected, not only to humanity, but also to the Earth and the cosmos. We are not alone! 

If nothing is random in our lives, even in traumatic times, in difficulties there is beauty, that something pushes us to evolve, to forgive, to let go and to continue our lives in a more aligned.
Clean the superfluous and find our essence, our inner being is the most important today! 

We evolve through our human experiences and these often leave deep emotions within us that we don't even know about, but which block our actions in life, creating negative beliefs and limiting thoughts.
Knowing that there are bigger patterns can help us see ourselves from a higher perspective, and grow, as we learn to accept our emotions, let them come, and then let them go...
Knowing that there is a hidden meaning in everything, in every encounter, in every difficult situation and that the most important thing is our own freedom to choose how to act and how to think.
We can't change the world, but we can change how we react, and we can change how we think about what's going on in our lives.

If we learn to evolve towards more and more harmony, our life becomes more and more peaceful and more and more filled with positive experiences. 

Harmony is essential in Eastern countries, while "happiness" is more of an invention in Western countries (perhaps to sell more products, telling people they are not "happy enough"!)
The harmony is much deeper. 
Here, everyone has their place in connection with the environment and the people around them.
It's an art living in harmony! 

To feel in harmony is to feel a deep peace in the simple fact of existing, of being here and now in connection with everything else.

FENG SHUI is the art of harmony par excellence! 
It teaches us to live in balance with the five elements, without blocking the "chi energy" that moves around us like a moving cloud.
Here, everything is important and our environment is directly linked to our life, our health and our relationships. The colours of our home, the materials, the way we place our furniture... everything is important.   Dirt or dead flowers in a vase can affect our work! 
Knowledge of FENG SHUI is very important to learn to live more in harmony with ourselves and with the world around us.

Chinese culture is based on the philosophy of harmony and balance, and we are the microcosm in the macrocosm where everything follows the rhythm of the seasons, the opposing yin and yang energies and the five elements of the universe (the fire, earth, metal, wood and air).
This is a fantastic and profound lesson from which we can learn a lot.

Our body needs to be in balance to live in harmony, to digest stress and difficult times in our lives and stay healthy. 
We must learn to align ourselves with our inner selves and with our surroundings.
What's more important? Techniques such as qigong, tai chi and yoga can be important tools, as can changing our eating habits or getting closer to nature. (See links at the bottom of the page)

But if "harmony" is the natural state of the universe, why do we see so much chaos and trouble around us? 

In Zen philosophy, there is a saying that we as a seed and everything in nature have our inner "program" for our life and when we are not interacting with the negative programs when we let things just happen, everything falls into place miraculously.
We have to let the universe do its thing and not interact too much! We have to trust the process and believe that there is a hidden meaning. We can't see the big picture, but the universe can!
Too often we want to complicate things with our minds, and create obstacles instead of following our inner guidance, following our intuition and letting the universe guide us...

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