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This image shows how seeds grow in sunflowers. Amazing isn't it! 



For IVA, the Royal Academy of Sciences, in Stockholm, I created an installation inspired by the geometry of nature and fractals made with stickers from computer files, which we stuck directly on the walls.

It's a fantastic way to bring life and beauty to a neutral space and at the same time add meaning. There are so many places where people need inspiration and poetry. It's an easy and cheap way to completely change a space...





"There is a science which is not only useful but like art

and poetry speaks to us about beauty and harmony"


With FRACTALS, I wanted to show the harmony beyond chaos. Showing that there are structures and meaning beyond what we see around us, on a deeper level. I also became interested in PHI, the golden ratio and hidden geometry everywhere in nature.

This project is therefore very close to my "Inner language of nature" projects.

We wanted to create more interest and curiosity for science, which can be fascinating.


FRACTALS are not as complicated as they appear... The mathematicianFrench Benedict Mandelbrot discovered in 1970 that everything in nature is built by very simple patterns that repeat themselves indefinitely. This means that due to the huge computers, it was for the first time possible to calculate irregular systems in nature to find patterns of harmony underlying. 


The Royal Academy of Sciences is a meeting point between science and industry. It has 12 sections for science and it was quite difficult for me to find a way to illustrate all the sections. Then I discovered that fractals are used today to calculate dynamical systems in many different fields: meteorology, biology, chemistry, mathematics, physics, economics etc.


"Fractals show us the inner rhythm of

the life where mathematics and beauty meet"


For the first time, I created an installation with stickers on the walls.

It almost looked like it was painted on the wall! 


I find it a fantastic way to bring life and beauty to lifeless spaces, such as hallways, entrances etc. There are so many places where people need inspiration through poetry, the beauty of nature, science or only philosophical offices, hospitals, hotel rooms etc.. 



Presentation of the project with Lars Fog and Björn O Nilsson


Me and Björn O Nilsson, the CEO at  IVA 

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