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Words have enormous power.
The words we choose create a magical world around us or lock us in a little box of separations. 
Words are like windows. They can open up hidden spaces within us. They can be tools to rebuild us with more beauty.
This is why poetry is important in our life!  
Poetry has power. A poem can create a vibration within us and can be used as a "mantra" when we need to escape the negative thoughts that are swirling around in our mind.
It can transport us to another reality and give new colors to the world around us.

"Poiêsis" is the "creation" of man and all poets are, like artists, creators of worlds. It creates new words, it creates dreams, feelings.

We live in a time when we need to detox from the world around us, from negative media news, from conflict.   We need a bath of freshness, a bath of joy and freedom, to return to the simplicity and clarity of our soul.

A poet lives in the present moment, totally. He savors every moment.

My father lived his life as a poet. Every moment was an adventure with him, when he let me see the beauty of colors and shapes, the beauty of every moment.
He taught me that we create our lives every day with what we choose to see, with our thoughts and with our spirit.

The poem of my father Ulf Sellergrens:

"Do you believe in trees? Birds? Clouds?
Scratch with your fingernail, scratch with your knife
Make a furrow, a narrow slit
You see a glimpse, you see a leaf on the furthest branch of the tree,
You see what you can never lose.
A bird's wing, a bit of white cloud
You understand
There is a language where words are not written
Not spoken but hidden
Between the branches of the trees
In the crust of ice
We do not see much
But we see the whole world
A leaf on the furthest branch of the tree"

We often don’t need to change the decorations to live differently, we just have to change the lighting! 
And the lighting comes from inside us. It is all a question to see the world in a new way, shutting down the light created by our ego and seeing the world through our heart, seeing the wonders in the world.

We must create our soul, nourish our soul, our inner poetic being!


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