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Exhibition "SUPERPOSITION"  with Kaname Arase

I worked only on textiles for this exhibition, in a small charming gallery in old Osaka, Japan.

I had created kakemonos in turquoise blue with indigo dyed, and I combined different techniques for the first time.

It was exciting! I printed an image of the

St Marie that I had already used in my works. The face is so peaceful! I printed it with nori (rice paste) before putting the silk in my indigo dye bath. 

The image disappeared a little, in a magical way - and became like a presence.

I then combined this face with images of natural dye as messages from nature, with also the symbol of the flower of life... symbol so essential today symbolizing the creation of the Earth.

I wanted the whole exhibition to be a symbol of PEACE and HARMONY. Marie's face was also a glimpse of the importance of feminine energy today...

I exhibited with the Japanese artist Kaname Arase, who works a lot with Japanese paper that she superimposes in a very delicate way.



kakemono face detail.jpg
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